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I had the exact same problem with the gas smell. It was giving me headaches and making me nauseous. The dealer that I bought the car from treated me like crap and told me basically that I was crazy.
I took the car to another dealer and the tech was unable to duplicate the smell but was concerned about my headaches stemming from being inside the car. He called Mitsubishi and explained the situation. Apparently, there have been several complaints and it is linked to faulty fuel vent hoses.
I had to wait nearly a month for parts but it seems to have corrected the issue.
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I have a new Eclipse Cross 3 (non DVT) and it has 300 miles on the clock. I noticed the burning smell when I picked up the car which had 11 miles on the clock, the smell subsided after a few minutes. I also noticed the burning smell as I reversed out of my drive and the smells lasted for a minute or so. I now reverse by being extremely light on the clutch and found to my delight that the air inside the cabin was still clean. It is a complete mystery though.
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I Can always smel gasoline og my EC , but only when i coldstart in garage. Hope Mitsu Can find A solution .

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Hey all - new to the site. We've had a couple customer come in with this concern, now. One just yesterday and one back in March. The one from March has only been back in for an oil change since then. No complaints on the smell. Per our rep, there will end up being a TSB for this.

The two parts that get replaced are:
1035B363 - rocker cover breather hose
7803A005 - premium charcoal cabin filter

Replacement of these two parts along with resealing the cowl = no more smell.

Hopefully this info helps!
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Is this effecting all EC's everywhere or only in certain countries?
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I have the same issue in my E.C
very happy to see that I'm not the only one

My ODO is just 2000 KM and sine the start of using my E.C I'm smelling a non-burnt gas especially when parking after a bit speedy driving.

I saw here that some spare parts changing would help like 1035B363 - rocker cover breather hose
7803A005 - premium charcoal cabin filter (did any one try to do that)

I'm worried to have a car fire due to this gas smell

By the way I'm in Saudi Arabia

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