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CVH gearbox temperature sensitive

Hi all has anyone had issues with the CVH gearbox from cold start ie overnight. If I do not let the car warm up till the choke cut off and drive it straight away the the gearbox will only use the the first few years and will not go through all the gears as normal it will take the best part of two miles before I feel the box start to work as it should even in manual mode. It was fine when new but as the weather got cold the problem started I have spoken to mitsubishi they said it's temperature sensitive but now the weather is getting warmer the symptom remains.
Has anyone else had this issue.
Cheers Gary
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Everyone has this issue. I guess it is normal for CVTs. It is enough to drive for 5 minutes usually.
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Not sure what you mean by "going through all the gears", as a CVT has none.

But, I would go to get it serviced and ask about a "teach-in" procedure to be performed on it. If there's anything wrong with the functions of the transmission, that procedure will definitely bring those to light.

Generally speaking, any turbocharged or automatic transmission vehicle should NEVER be driven cold. Most transmissions require operating temperatures of anywhere from 70-80*C (yes, Celsius, not Fahrenheit for US drivers) before safely driving. Of course, most drivers (including my wife) don't really care. Especially with a 10-year warranty. Then again, it's always up to the gearhead husband to worry about what's broken when it does start sounding or feeling off.


I maintain further that with these newer cars with aluminum blocks, pre-heating an engine should always be done before driving.

Red Cross --- Might seem elementary, but try starting the engine tomorrow before taking your morning coffee. And don't start your drive until the temp gauge shows at 40 to 50%. That will mean that the engine oil is actually at optimal driving temp. See how that works. Regardless of the temperature outside.

Then, if you're looking for more reasons to spend money --- if your Cross in your region doesn't come with installed transmission oil heaters, then see about doing that - but check with your dealer to ensure that doing so will NOT void your warranty.

If all else fails, you may have to get a brand new Jatco transmission! Wheeeeeee!

... F*cking Jatco.

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Thank you for your comments looks like I'll have to carry on letting it warm up before setting of but will ask the dealer to check all is well when it goes in for its first service. As for transmission heater's I'll have to look into it. You would think in this modern times that mitsubishi that most people don't live in warm climates all year round and would have solved this problem,this could be my first and last CVT car.
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Originally Posted by Red cross View Post
this could be my first and last CVT car.

I could not agree with you more. ) In all honesty, I regret buying this car. And the only question I have is whether to get rid of it now or in a while. This is not to say there is nothing to like about it. I still love the design, the engine power, but a few other things just cancel out those strong points, CVT being the top of the list.

However, there is another disclamer to be made. While having all those doubts, I test-drove a couple of other cars that were in my short-list before I finally purchased the Cross. And you know what... Most of them feel cheap as compared to EC. Namely, I tried a Honda HR-V and a Suzuki Vitara. Kind of crossed them off my list altogether.
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Yeah man. We traded in our 2014 Outlander Sport for a 2015 model --- just because it had the 2.4L. That was heaven for me. Loved that engine. Even the CVT in that thing seemed to be programmed much better to suit the 2.4L than the Eclipse Cross'.
Then we traded in the 2015 for the Cross. Wife loves it, and it is a cushy ride, and I can't deny that it's a comfortable thing to drive. But man do I hate driving it too... unless I want to drive like I'm 80 years old.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that, unless there's a better variant of it that comes along, I'd think long and hard about "upgrading". Because there really isn't a major difference in what one offers over the other.
It's a daily driver. A commuter vehicle. The Sport had more trunk utility, I think - but the Cross isn't that much different.

What would make me think twice is whether a PHEV variant *with* a dual-clutch transmission, or true Automatic geared transmission were to come into view.
Heck, I'd consider it if they'd bring a M/T into the mix --- which is most highly doubtful.

Let's put it this way ---

Would I upgrade from an Eclipse Cross SE to an SEL... or an Outlander Sport 2.0L to a 2.4L? Knowing the same utility that we got in the end? Probably not.
Would I upgrade from a Lancer Evolution GSR to an MR? In a heartbeat. In my case, I got another, and kept the one I had. Two different purposes, same thrills. Two different driving styles from each other, and though the only thing that really differs is the transmission, it makes a world of difference in how each feels.

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