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What is your vehicle history?

Just wanna see what everyone has had history with, whether it's been all SUV, all cars, had a few cars and after X reasons had to go SUV, whatever your story is, I want to hear it!

I've owned a 98 Eclipse GSX before. That was a very very fun vehicle until... well let's just say a series of unfortunate events. After that I moved onto a Honda Accord for the time being before I was ready to get something fresher. After that, moved onto a Tahoe for a little but that just too much for me. Down to a CR-V I went and it's been my beat around for a while. The Cr-V is spacious but I just don't like it at all and the Eclipse Cross looks like it'll provide more space at that either way.
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1980 - given a 1973 Holden Belmont station wagon (my parents' old car)
1984 - bought a 1956 (!) Peugeot 206 from a friend's grandmother for AUD $200
1987 - bought a 3-year-old Honda Accord
1989 - rolled the Accord, and bought a 4-year-old Mazda 323
1993 - bought a 3-year-old Toyota Corolla hatchback
1997 - bought a 5-year-old Toyota Picnic 6-seater
2018 - scrapped the 21-year-old Toyota Picnic, since the children have left home
2018 - bought a dealer demonstrator Eclipse Cross 4

The first two were in Australia, the next two in New Zealand, and the last four in England.

I've also had work cars, borrowed cars, and shared and rented many cars over the years. My introduction to the Eclipse Cross was when I got one as a free rental upgrade from Hertz. I never would have considered a Mitsi otherwise. I received an ASX as the previous rental, and that didn't impress me at all. I would probably have stuck with Toyota if they had embraced Android Auto, in which case I might have got a Camry or Rav4.

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1999 - VW Golf 2 (my1985)
2004 - Opel Astra (my1995)
2005 - Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 MAT
2016 - Renault Megane 1.5 dci edc (my2016)
2018 - Eclipse Cross (my2018)
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Let's see... cars I've owned, not ones I've helped build or borrowed...
In stock form, not including modifications...

1996: 1993 Lancer ES 1.3L 5/MT, white (first car, family-bought as "learner" vehicle)
2001: 2001 Eclipse GT-P 3.0L 5/MT, Dover White Pearl (first car I bought)
2006: 2006 Eclipse GT-P 3.8L 6/MT, Ultra Red Pearl
2012: 2008 Galant Ralliart 5/AT, Rally Red
2013: 2009 Eclipse GT-P 3.8L 6/MT, Sunset Orange Pearl with Terracotta interior
2014: 2014 Outlander Sport SE CVT AWC, White Pearl (Wife's)
2015: 2014 Lancer Evolution X MR 6/ADCT/SST, Cool Silver Metallic
2015: 2015 Outlander Sport GT CVT AWC, Quicksilver Pearl (Wife's)
2017: 2015 Lancer Evolution X FE, 5/MT, Rally Red
2017: 1994 FTO GPX Car of the Year, 5/AT, Dandelion Yellow
2018: 2018 Eclipse Cross GT, CVT, S-AWC, Bronze Metallic (Wife's)
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