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Angry Delete Lookers

When I ran a forum I got so sick of people who offered nil input and only read the posts without leaving any comments whatsoever.

What we did was to warn those members that if they didn't start posting they would be deleted.

It was surprising as most started to get involved and started to at least comment on posts.

Those who seldom logged in and or failed to post were eventually deleted after a number of warnings.

Not that it really matters to anyone, however, unless things improve and I am not having to keep replying to my own posts, I will be gone.
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This board can be great if the admins/mods implement some way to encourage those lurkers to post although challenging.
But that makes me wonder why Reddit hasn't done something similar. Its lurkers paradise.
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We are not going to delete users for not posting. A user who registered for the site is one step closer to posting then one who never registers in the first place. The vast majority of visitors to the forum (95% of visits) don't even register and we are trying to make it easier for them to get on-board.

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I am not sure of the software used for this forum.

Most of the generic forum programs have apps that can be added to it.

I used an app that assessed a members posts and if they were not within the set guidelines, a warning message would appear asking them nicely to post.

Without people posting, it is no longer a forum.
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Unfortunately, we cannot force users to post and there aren't any plugins at the moment, that will allow the forum to do this.

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I lurk because although the EclipseCross interested me I instead bought a 2019 Outlander Sport because I was all set to get a second Mirage in my household and the dealer that I was going to buy the Mirage from had a 2019 Outlander Sport ES 5 speed manual. It is not AWD but FWD (which is fine by me because I live on the Oregon Coast and it is very mild here). 2019 is the last year for the 5 speed manual, 2020 onward will be CVT only. It's pretty rare to be able to find one and believe me they were willing to deal. Nobody wants a manual transmission these days and I paid $15740 out the door. I still like to read other users experiences and yeesh the Outlander Sport must be pretty trouble free because there are really no active forums for it but I enjoy still reading about the EclipseCross. Almost 2k on my OS averaging better than 30mpg commuting and I did get a little better than 35mpg on the trip home with 12 miles on the odo when I drove it off the lot.

Ghost (Mitsubishi Outlander Sport) | Fuelly
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