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  1. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Issues And Problems
    Hi Everyone! I just recently purchased a 2021 Eclipe Cross. At first the remote start app was working great then all the sudden just stopped working. I reached out to customer support and they told me to: 1. manually turn on the vehicle and drive it for at least 5 minutes to force a new network...
  2. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross General Discussion Forum
    Hi! I bought a brand new MEC instyle+ one week ago. I connected my iphone to the cars network at the sellers office. But when I want to connect to the car I have to go up to the car so it is not more than 7 meters between me and the car before the iphone detect the cars network. Do I really have...
  3. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross General Discussion Forum
    I dont know if it's just me or if others also come across this, but occasionally the app just doesnt want to work, by that I mean the engine remote start tells me it cant start to try again or contact customer care. Sometimes I use lock the doors and it works again but that's not always the...
1-3 of 3 Results