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2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Walk Around Video

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Good evening/afternoon all.

I just wanted to share this quick walkaround video with you all of one of our new eclipse crosses we just got in at Spitzer Mitsubishi.

I do plan on making a test drive videos with the go pros, another that goes over the infotainment system, one more that demonstrates the Mitsubishi Connect telematics service in the united states, and another for the Mitsu geeks that goes over the engine specifications and the S-AWC system.

I would love to hear from you all though. What would you like to see?? Please let me know!

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Usually what I like the most are videos showing acceleration, elasticity (80-120, 60-100 acceleration) at different gears etc.
Also roller tests of the S-AWC.
Thanks for the walk around. Seeing as how Mitsubishi has recently recalled 80k vehicles for CVT issues, I'm more interested in the Eclipse's performance as well. I know those were for older models, but even the new Eclipse has been noted for being..less than quick. I hope this CVT isn't as obstructive as some reviews have been suggesting.
everyone rags on lexus for having a fancy introduction splash page for their infotainment setup but I think it was great idea and something that brands like Mitsubishi should do. Its one of the easiest things they can do to add a little extra detail.
Great walkaround video! Will you have a chance to drive around the Eclipse Cross for a day or so? Then you'll be able to get some real world fuel economy numbers.
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