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2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

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Hello Everyone,
I am a new member and currently own the above vehicle that my Wife drives.This is a second car that only commutes from home to work and back.It currently has only 12,225 mileage and still has the smell of a new car.Go figure.
Took the vehicle to the dealership today for oil change.Basically get it ready for spring.Requested synthetic oil which I always request at every service and also had the cabin air filter and the engine oil filter replaced.
To my surprise the technician and the service advisor insisted on the following:
1.Change the transmission fluid @250.00
2.Differential fluid change @260..
I declined the above and was told that, irrespective of the mileage,it needs to be done every two years.
Is this correct.
Please advise as we have never owned a Mitsubishi before and never had to do it on such a low mileage with our principal car being a Hyundai sonata.
Thank you.
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I call BS on this. I have attached pics from the Australian Mitsubishi web site of the PDF for the 2018 EC service regimen. It states transmission at 90,000km for normal usage and 45,000km for severe (same for the diff). Transfer case is 75,00km normal and 45,000km for severe. That sounds about right too. After 12,000 odd miles your not even close to a fluid change. Time to find another dealer me thinks...

PS. The US site has a service schedule link but I can't for the life of me get the Eclipse Cross to show in the drop down menus:


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I'm with @zarbs on that one. The U.S. recommendations are pretty much the same. If the dealer is willing to misrepresent this, just think what else they are capable of. An independent shop can handle the routine maintenance, too. You'll only need the dealer for programming or advanced diagnostics if you have a problem.
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