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2019 YA Black Edition (AUS)

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Hi Guys,
Bought a MY19 YA Black Edition and am curious as it does not have auto headlights or electric folding side mirrors, and there are inserts for the front fog lights but they look purely cosmetic. Seems like other cars of the same MY and model I have looked at do have these features so wanted some advice on what could be the case with my car?
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Hi there,

Welcome the forum, I'm not 100% certain because I'm waiting on the delivery of my 2022 PHEV, however, other than the folding mirrors, everything else I believe is an optional extra. Never-the-less, enjoy your Black Edition.
Hello and welcome!

Where does the black edition fall within your region's lineup? ES, Black, LS, Aspire, Exceed? based on this you have "fold control", but not automatic folding mirrors.. button somewhere on the dash, or double click the lock on your fob?

For MY19 in Canada I think we go ES, SE, Black, SE+Tech, GT and I think Black had both.
Here in Australia the range was ES, Black, LS, Exceed.

Black never had auto lHead lamps or rain sensing wipers, Nor did it have front fog lights or Any of the ADAS functions either.
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Thank you guys for the information! Much appreciated.
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