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2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Smell

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I recently purchased a 2020 Eclipse Cross SEL. After around 2 weeks of driving with the heater on we began to notice the distinct smell of Kitty litter.

Not having any pets as well as being garaged we assumed the smell was something in the cabin airlifter and vents. In an attempt to remove the smell I first replaced the cabin air filter with no change in smell. Then I had a detailing company perform a full interior clean including a ozone machine over night. When we got the car back we took it out and saw no change in smell. They then offered to "Chlorine Bomb" for free which would kill anything that may be producing mold and thus the smell. After the chlorine bomb the smell still persisted and they were unable to offer any additional services or advice.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this or do you have advice on getting rid of it? Its driving my wife nuts to the point she wants to get rid of it after owning it less than a month.
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