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Hi! I think this is the only Eclipse Cross forum I could find that was much more active than usual. Was going through this forum for more info and seemed like it was a solid far :)

I actually remember reading about the rumors on it back in 2017. 5 years later, we got a 2022. The 2018-2019 models just did not appeal to us. As much as we were actually looking at one, back then, we could not pull a trigger on it. Anyways, my past Mitsubishi's was a 92' Galant VR4, 96' Eclipse GSX, and a 15' Mirage. I'll most likely bring it to some local Mitsubishi car meets to tease the Eclipse owners but all in good fun :)

Right now, the car only has 350ish miles on it. Just pumped a full tank of 93 octane. $69 for a full (14.084 gallons) tank of gas. Incredible lol but it's expected. Butt dyno is telling me it's 'pulling' slightly better than whatever gas it originally had. Anyways, enjoy the pics and looking forward to being pretty active on here. No plans for the car, other than getting tints and wheels (summer set).

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Welcome @2of9 (is that a Borg designation? ;) )

I've got a '19 SEL with about 30k on it now. Still feeling the love for it. I'm going to agree with @ItIsToAnEclpise that the split rear window is better, but the single window look is growing on me. I just wish North America would get the choice of wheels they get in Asia.
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