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Interesting to watch and see the differences of models and trim levels (fabric seat inserts on leather). The model in the video linked by ribuck didn't have adaptive cruise control so his comment on how it picks up front objects (FCM) by the windscreen mounted lasers is correct. The adaptive cruise control version is also controlled by a radar sender in the centre of the black section of the front bumper which controls distance that is selected on the ACC steering wheel controls. That's why you can't mount a normal sized nudge bar or driving lights to the EC. The available nudge bar only comes up to just underneath the license plate.

Watched another YouTube from the US:

that showed an LE model and it showed the full rear lighting on the vehicle which is disabled in the Australian version. Reading the tech manual it seems to be enabled via the MUT tool with a set of commands. The US model also has illuminated side markers in the front side amber and rear side red reflectors. Obviously a safety requirement there.

There are other videos I've viewed on YouTube for some European models as well and they too have varying options and capabilities. Must be quite a complex exercise for Mitsubishi to produce all of these variants for the markets they sell into.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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