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android auto

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hello sometimes it happens to me that ANDROID AUTO doesn't work well. I noticed this when it is very hot and I leave the car parked in the sun
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That's most likely your phone throttling services and performance to prevent overheating.
Thanks for your feedback. it happened to me three times. you connect and see google map then the screen becomes all black and you no longer see any information in general.
Having several disconnections while using Android Auto. I have changed the USB cable and it,s still dis-connecting..then at times it re-connects. Have read all on the Auto website regarding Trouble-shooting but nothing .
Have read a few reviews on Google(owner of App) and they are similar. Turned De-Bugging On(Developer Tools) on phone..maybe this will cure it..Samsung 21 Smartphone.
Have read on here that people have Up-dated the Sat Nav. I have the 2019 model and there is no Sat Nav build into the car.. I get mine from my phone while connected via the same cable and the map doesn,t disappear when the connection is broken.
Is there any way of Up-dating Android Auto within the car or is this just defined as an App?
HNY to All.
Android Auto is an extremely temperamental product, that depends on the right combination of head unit, cable, phone amd software version.
I've had 3 different cars and 3 different phones and 1 wireless AA adapter.

Vauxhall Astra and Huawei P30 pro were the worst combination. This only raan for 5 minutes and then the entire AA interface on the head unit froze. The P30 Pro worked a bit better in the Eclipse Cross PHEV, but the black screen issue that you described here occured every now and then. The same thing in a Suzuki Vitara with a Blackberry.

Try keeping the Google Maps app open and the screen open as you connect the usb cable. This works every time on with the Suzuki and Blackberry at least.

Luckily I have no more issues in my Eclipse Cross after I've switched to a Samung Galaxy Z Fold 4 running over the AAwireless adapter.

Also check that you have given all the right permisions upon initial configuration, because even skipping one of those will cause issues until you remove the phone and reconfigure the connection from scratch. Some phones also have some privacy setting (like App Lockers, or Private Apps) that require a pin or fingerprint before showing the app. These also prevent video output of the mirrored app to the Head Unit.
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