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Annual Service

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Managed to book my Eclipse Cross in for its annual service this morning. Have been phoning the Dealer over the past weeks but they have been closed due to the Lockdown. Evidently they reopened on Monday of this week for appointment only servicing etc., and my car is booked for 9am next Friday morning 29th May.. Should have been done on the 14th May, so not very much over due, and well within the allowed mileage between services.
Asked them to check the Headlight alignment as they tend to point too much towards the kerb area and to check the 2nd gear engagement, (manual gearbox) which can be a little reluctant to engage when cold.
Otherwise the car is running beautifully and I'm very happy with it.
Our dealer is about 20 miles away so a nice wee run out. Only problem under lockdown arrangements they have no suitable waiting area as the show room waiting area is closed, so will need to think how the time can be filled in, as it will be the afternoon before the car is ready. Maybe take the 2 cars and Anne can drive us home and back when it is ready.
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I wonder what is going to happen when I am required to schedule my second visit. First was at 12000km (20k or 1 year is required). I have added only 3000km so far and dont forsee adding much more before the time comes thanks to this pandemic. I will bet they will still want to charge me the full amount, change all the additional fluids and filters, etc even though they are all good until at least 32000km. And dont even get me going on the body inspection for the warranty. This is going to be a very interesting conversation when the time comes.
My first service is due this coming week and I have it booked in for Tuesday 26th May. Unlike @Telferstr I have a 200 km round trip to the selling dealer in Taree. Like @Telferstr though there will be no waiting area in the dealership but the town is only a few km's from there and they run a shuttle bus service. Luckily they have eased lockdown restrictions for us so getting around is not big issue though I'll be wary and utilise the social distancing measures. I'll have time to get some other shopping done whilst I wait. I am short of the 15000km mark by about 1000km and the service will be three days before the sale anniversary. I got it early so they can continue my roadside assist for the EC, which Mitsubishi pay for with our main motoring organisation as a carrot to service with the genuine dealer. Not much choice living rural so it's a no brainer. I've had no problems to report to the service staff and we have fixed priced servicing for the first three years on Mitsubishi vehicles but I'll be checking the price prior to signing the car in on the day. All in all I am very happy with the first year of ownership...
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Hi Zarbs, That seems quite a journey you have there for your service trip, and hope you can pass the waiting time okay, and all the service work goes smoothly.
I purchase mine on the 14th May last year, so will be a few days late with the service, but there are no problems with this, as the dealer had to close down when the lockdown began at the end of March.
Due recognition of this is being taken by manufactures here, as long as the annual mileage figure since the last service, is not excessively exceeded above the recommended figure.
I have done just over the 6000miles of the 12000mile service interval, so well inside that figure.
We are having a Scottish Government Lockdown review next Thursday 28th May, when it is hoped there will be a lifting of movement restrictions etc., to some degree, but this all depends on the progress being made on the level of infections being recorded. These have be falling, but not as quickly as we would like to see.
mtgtnt, You can bet your bottom dollar that they will be charging you the full amount for the service:). Mind you to be fair, oil does deteriorate with age whether use or not
when inside an engine, so an annual refresh does no harm. Hope all goes well when the time comes round for your second visit.
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Thanks @Telferstr. Our service handbooks no longer list the service items just sections for the dealer stamp and kilometres at service etc. I only found out through a link in the dealer service reminder email that the schedules are now only available to view online in PDF format:

I have downloaded them for future reference. Interestingly, it lists normal and severe use conditions for many of the critical items such as oil and filter replacement. In the notes for severe use for the EC it lists the towing a trailer as extreme and therefore recommends oil changes etc. at 7500 km instead of 15000 km. So I will be doing a half yearly service myself of the oil and filter from this service onwards.
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Hi Zarbs,. Just to say thank you for finding the Maintenance Schedule for the Eclipse Cross. I have run off a copy for the service on Friday, just in case the Dealer does not provide a copy.
Thanks again, its very useful to have this document to hand.
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The parameters of what needs to be done to maintain the warranty aren't well laid out. This is my first brand new car. How do you know what HAS to be done?
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That's always a tricky situation, which is one of the reason I usually have the dealer service the car -- so they have a good record. I dug out my warranty and maintenance manual and looked for the disclaimers for denying coverage. After the usual bits about damage, non-OEM parts and unauthorized modifications, I came across the following:



The repair of damages, which are caused because parts or services used were not those prescribed in this manual's recommended maintenance schedule, are not covered under warranty. It is the owner's responsibility to maintain the Vehicle as more fully set forth in, and in accordance with, the maintenance schedules outlined in this manual.

Be advised that Warranty coverage may be denied if proper maintenance is not followed.
Then you go to the maintenance schedule and a lot of it is recommended but not required to maintain warranty coverage. Most of it is simple inspection, anyway. On top of which, depending on your location, there may be conflicts between state or federal consumer protection laws and the language of the warranty. The manual states that the engine oil be changed every 3,750 miles, but the dealer has indicated that 5k to 7k is fine for synthetic oils. I seriously doubt Mitsubishi would deny a claim for an engine problem solely based on the fact that an owner waited an additional 1k miles to change the oil, especially if the oil was rated for higher mileage applications.

I just to the things that should be done regardless -- change the oil and filter periodically (usually about every 4 months for my driving habits) and have them give the car a good look-over each time I bring it in. Replace belts, hoses, and other filters when worn, and report any squeaks or rattles.
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First service done and dusted. Lockdown restrictions have been eased in our state so I was able to wait at the dealer for the service to be completed. An hour later I was out of there. They changed engine oil and filter, cabin pollen filter and did the visual checks and tests. Plenty of tread on the tyres (tires) and pads on the brakes. They did note adjusting the idle speed down slightly and I had noticed it was running a little high but it wasn't a real issue for me. We have capped price servicing for the first three years so under AU$300 for this service and they renew my free roadside assistance package for the next 12 months with our state motoring organisation. This is a sweetener to get you to use the authorised dealer and not your local mechanic.
Zarbs, that is quite an expensive service! here in the US offered the first oil change for free with a coupon on the website. I also never let the dealer change my cabin filters as they charge an insane price and its so easy to do! And knowing the work you put into your car I'm suprised you have them do it as well. I don't do my own oil changes as the hassle isn't worth the $20.00 USD upcharge on the service. Glad to hear service went well and restrictions are easing! here in the US offered the first oil change for free with a coupon on the website.
This is the first FULL service after the initial 1500 km service, which is free, where they change the oils etc. and I've just had the 15000 km service and pricing is very reasonable for Mitsubishi. With my Pajero (Montero) they would charge nearly AU$180 just for the "special" synthetic oil for that car. Whilst it wasn't cheap, auto stores sold the same oil for 45% less.
The Service went well with no problems arising. I mentioned to the Service Receptionist the moving off stall problem, but having got used to it by giving the engine extra revs to avoid it happening, and had learnt to live with it.
However, I'm delighted to report they did the software update, and what a difference it has made, completely curing the problem. It has transformed the handling of the car and is now an absolute pleasure to drive. Until reading on here that there was a fix, I had begun to wonder, was it just me, but the problem is cured and solved. Just in case anyone is wondering, and as far as I am aware, this software fix applies to manual gearbox cars only, as the automatics did not suffer this problem. They also checked the second gear selection but say it is okay but to let them know if it gets to be a problem. This a very minor happening and once the car has done a couple of mile disappears. Also the only other issue was the Headlight adjustment, which after testing on the alignment machine, also turned out to be okay. Must just be missing the wonderful Headlights on my 2016 reg ASX had.
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When you were getting your EC's serviced, were you able to wait inside the dealer while it was happening? I've heard at some dealers once you drop it off you have to wait outside somewhere else.
Hi LunchB0x,
At the time of the service the showroom area was closed which accommodated the waiting area, so arranged to leave the car with them to avoid any complications, and to collect the next day. Drove home in my wife's car who had followed me to the dealership.
Did the same the following day to collect the car. The dealership is about 20 miles away from home.
Since the service date, the Showrooms have reopened and as near as possible normal sales and services have resumed, observing social distancing rules etc.
My Edition One is coming up to it's year 3 service which is paid for as part of the 3 year package I paid for when I bought the car, so I have it booked in for Feb 23rd so I can have a 'courtesy car' for the day and thought I would ask what the costs would be for years 4&5 servicing....

Well the cost is £750 (AUD$ 1,316 / USD$ 1019 at current exchange rates) when I asked why? I was told that year 4 includes a gearbox oil change and the oil alone costs £301!! so the 4th service is £630 and the 5th £120

Anyone know why the gearbox oil is so 'special' and expensive?

BTW the EU wide roadside recovery that was part of years 1-3 of the warranty can be extended for £29.99 a year for years 4 & 5 which is not unreasonable.
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