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I had the same issue on two separate instances, once in June and once last week. I was driving in the "cow chute" area in a construction zone. I think I hit a bump, and all of a sudden ASC Error, ACC error, check engine light all came on, and I could not accelerate at all. I pull to an emergency pull off, and the car is coughing, it's the best way I can describe it. I turned off the car. Restarted it, no issues at all other than the check engine light, which when away the next day. I went last time directly to the dealer. They couldn't not find any issues other than the error codes that came up in the computer history.

It's a 2018, fully loaded, all the tech options. I have noticed that the ASC is hypersensitive to road construction and potholes, its light comes on whenever I hit a hard bump, it seems, and the engine sounds odd when that happens, not sure if that is standard with the Super-AWC or not.

The weird similarity is that it happened both times in a construction zone. Wondering if it is the combination or the ASC system, and the braking system getting confused by the narrow space at high speed.

Anyone else ever hear of anything like this on any Mitsubishi?

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