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Aussie MY20 Accessories

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After reading the review of the EC posted in another thread I decided to check out the changes to the MY20 EC in Oz. Not much has changed overall. They have added some of the accessories that have been available in the US for some time. Notably the front and rear corner and side extensions in black with a red pin stripe. They also list the availability of the front and rear garnish that oldsalt and I have on our EC's which are ordered from China.

Strangely the pics on the web site show the front air dam (bumper garnish) and the rear bumper garnish in Red Diamond on a Red Diamond model. As the normal model in Red Diamond has red on the front bumper why would you apply a garnish of the same colour? The pic for the front corner extension shows the front air dam above it and it attaches in the same way as the garnish I and oldsalt have fitted. Maybe the garnishes are available in select colours which would make more sense but it's not noted on the description page. There does appear to be a black section on the front garnish that merges with the corner extensions. I'd need to see it up close. The rear bumper garnish in red just looks weird for me.

Lastly, the price (AU$576 front and AU$572 rear) is exorbitant in my view. The Chinese versions in silver that match the other parts of the front and rear bumpers are no more than AU$55 each (without shipping costs) but can be had as pair for around AU$145 shipping included and would attach in the same way as the Mitsubishi accessory via 3M tape though the dealer should be using the 3M primer so fitting the accessory is virtually permanent. This is the attachment process I use to affix my parts as well.


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The price for those bits is totally unrealistic, wouldn't think they would sell too many of them.

like you zarbs, I will stick to what I have,
The price for those bits is totally unrealistic
Yep, the US parts are just over US$100 each from memory so it's purely a cash grab...
The also make side extensions. I’ve seen a few of them fall off...they look nice..but costly. I’ve only seen them with red stripes as well
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