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bluetooth error

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Hey all.

Few days ago my bluetooth stopped working.
The car does willnot show on my phones bluetooth search, and doesnt have "Unit Name" and "Unit Address" in the pairing page.
In addition to that, when I connect my android phone, the andriod auto opens in my phone, displays an error on the screen, exits on phone and repeats until i plug out my phone. It worked before.

I will add some photos for you.

You will see for some reason the BTmoudle doesn't show it's connected.
and I have many error codes, 2013 mainly and 1061. could not find anything about them on the internet.



Thanks very much!
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Can you explain what the dealership replaced? We have same issues the multimedia system
I'm having the same issue - eclipse cross 2019. Bluetooth cannot pair. doesnt show unit name.
if anyone has a solution, please let us know. it is out of warranty by now - so replacing a head unit could be very costly
If I am not mistaken 2 years.
HI MazGan - any idea how much is a head unit? did they offer any other solutions?
Hi, i have a Nokia XR20 android 13 phone. Everything worked perfectly for audio calls until a few months ago. Now, the phone still connects to the BT, but audio calls are cut off after about 5 seconds (and I have to hang up the phone manually). It's possible that the cause is the Android version (13) as I don't have any problems with the Huawei P20 on Android 9. I'd be interested to know if you have the same problem.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts