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Bluetooth speaker on phone

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Hi. I have just bought a 2019 eclipse. I have noticed when you answer the phone only the left speaker appears to work. All speakers work when the radio or Bluetoothing music. Is there anyway to change this to all speakers??

Any help appreciated!
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No, there is no option for all speakers. The system is designed like this to reduce the effects of echoing through the system
Didn’t know that thanks dibby. Kinda explains why you can’t hear shit while driving. Maybe a speaker upgrade will help then
I own a 2018 eclipse, I get phone sounds out of both front speakers, Might be due the fact that I use Android auto? I dunno... But very full sound. Might be worth a shot if you don't already use it. You'll have to do direct connect with the phone unless you pick up a wireless connector like Carsfi... Great little tool
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