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Has anyone happened to have the Bluetooth randomly disconnect, go silent, then reconnect like 30 seconds later and continue playing like nothing happened?
This has been happening to me pretty often. It could be my phone (s10e) or it could be the car, since I don't have another phone and I can't duplicate it on command I thought I would ask everyone on here if they are having this problem at all?
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I have this happen only when I am using Andriod's Connect app. If i am just straight using BT for audio, no. I don't have the problem. Does it happen when you plug or unplug the USB cord?
This is just when I'm using Bluetooth. I never use android auto or connect via a cord.
What are you playing at the time of disconnect? Is it a music library? Streaming from and app like Pandora? Have you noticed anything else going on at the same time of the disconnect? The Bluetooth host can have multiple connections, but only one active at any given time. The Bluetooth client can only connect to one thing at a time. I believe the car in this case acts as host, and if it comes within range of a previously paired device (or one it thinks it may have been previously paired to) and that device attempts to pair it may suspend the current connection to try and connect to it.

Or, it could simply be a change in orientation of the phone, or strong EMF interference that would temporarily break the connection.

I don't like Bluetooth for audio only because it gives me limited control options on the car's display/steering wheel controls, but when I have used it (with an iPod nano) it's never disconnected while playing.
It has happened while playing my music library on my phone and while playing pandora. I have the phone set to trigger certain actions upon connection and disconnection so I know it's loosing the signal and not the music because my phone screen dims, sound profile changes etc and the cars screen changes to "no Bluetooth...". I have no other device paired with my car. My phone has a number of other Bluetooth items it is paired with, but nothing which would be in the vicinity when this is happening. If no one else is experiencing this I am inclined to think it's my phone vs the car.

The phone is on a magnetic mount ever time it's in the car which I have in every car I own for over 4 years. The phone is always on the same orientation.

The phone is new within the last month and the car within the last two.

I love Bluetooth audio! All the controls work great on my steering wheel and even the forward and back two finger swipes on the track pad work (one of my my favorite features).
Does the phone get warm when you stream music? There are thermal protection circuits in most phones to keep them from overheating and would likely shut of high power services -- the Bluetooth radio being a likely culprit.

My wife has an S10e and she uses it with a 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Hasn't had any problems like that, although she doesn't stream music from her phone. She's more into those sappy SiriusXM channels like Hallmark :p ;)

I didn't realize the trackpad worked with Bluetooth. I know it doesn't with Android Auto. Maybe I'll have to rethink how I access music.
I simply plug a micro USB stick into one of the USB ports which holds an awful lot of music and can be controlled via the steering wheel/touchpad. Phone is connected via Bluetooth so if it rings it does cut the music and also means that here in the UK one can't get caught using a mobile phone in the car as even playing with the controls changing music on your phone could be deemed an offence.
Sorry Beth, I only use CarPlay. Bluetooth has always been hit and miss with me and the access to all phone aspects on the steering wheel controls and central display with CarPlay/Android Auto is the big winner in my books. Not having in-built satnav means I have mapping via CarPlay as well. Bluetooth just removes the connection step but if you need to get power for your phone you still need to plug in USB.

I actually ran the USB cable from the front of the console tray into the console box as demonstrated in the video I sent you on removing the centre console. Got a 3m braided USB/Lightning cable off AliExpress for AU$3.27 (advertised at AU$17 elsewhere) plus I added a tray which sits in the top of the console box and provides a larger platform than the cheap coin tray Mitsubishi supply. It has a slot to run the cable through. Out of sight and all functions like GPS mapping still work fine on CarPlay.
Thanks guys, I will continue to monitor it and see if I can isolate it.

Lunatic59- My phone is not getting warm. It appears to be working fine. My feeling is that it is the car, just because it is so random about problems. Yeah the track pad works for the volume and the forward and back for the music. I love it! I can't remember if you have to be on the audio input on the infotainment screen or not. I have just left it on that screen mostly anyway, but I know for a while I was driving with the clock up on the screen and cant remember if I used it then too. I am more likely to do it on the track pad than the steering wheel just cause I am right handed.

52Traction- Yeah I have thought about the USB stick or an always connected music source, but I change what music I am into so often and randomly that I am so used to playing the exact song I want the minute I want it... thanks to being spoiled with a smartphone for so many years. I am fairly sure you can get a ticket for monkeying with your phone at all here too, music or text, GPS etc, but I guess I risk it and frankly I rarely have to touch my phone since I can switch the songs with the steering wheel controls, track pad and use voice command to play whatever song I am looking for with Google Assistant or my music app.

Zarbs- I hardly ever charge my phone in the car. I do so many short trips, 2 miles to work and back 4 times a day and running errands around town, that always plugging the phone in for a 5 min trip would drive me crazy. With Bluetooth, it auto connects, I can either open the app, or if I leave the app open on my phone it just starts playing. Easy (until it disconnects, but this has only happened randomly so far).
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