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Bonnet gas struts

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Hi just fitted the new struts I got from Aliexpress best thing's ever 15 mins to fit
Works perfectly. Why the hell don't they fit these from new so easy to lift this heavy bonnet magic love it
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Can you please share AliExpress link ❓
I bought mine from eBay:

Currently $48.49 with free shipping. Still ships from China though like AliExpress...
AliExpress has heaps of sellers of these struts:

Prices vary and not all sellers are trustworthy. Most seem to charge shipping.
Very nice. I informed my dealer about doing this and they verbally indicated that should I proceed to do the install, they would void my body warranty. So I guess I have another 2 years to wait and that’s if the car is still with us which I doubt.
I just loved it man, its amazing. Please link where i can purchase?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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