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is Bruno writing from Rome (IT), proud owner of EC (Polar White) :)
Welcome to everybody in my life!

I'm going to take the time for surfing this forum and... I will back asap with some questions. 馃檭

Have a nice EC-Time

Ciao Ciao
Hi Bruno and welcome.

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Welcome, Bruno. Let us know how your EC does in Rome.
Hola Lunatic thank you. Just "burned" 2100Km (1300 Miles) in two weeks due winter vacations. The first impression is really cool, driving position is really not stressing for back and neck and soundproofing is top. Driving on highway is relaxing and rough roads are not a problem at all (not off-road I have 2WD type). Maybe just a little bit disappointed by the trunk... I have a CIVIC MK8 and even if is shorter than EC has almost 500lt for trunk. Fuel consuption is not a miracle on earth but I already known before buy it... my heart has won vs. the brain and I have not regrets! 馃檭
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