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Cheaper Eclipse Cross Is Coming

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But it may be limited to Australia only because it doesn't mention a global release. Coming from Motoring, an entry-level version should go on sale in September.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) head of product planning James Tol said that typically a new model attracts buyers at the top-end of the range, while buyers who are looking for a less expensive variant appear in showrooms later on.
Maybe this will apply to other countries to draw in more customers who aren't interested in paying for the range-topping model?
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I mean $30K for brand new fully loaded car, isn't exactly unreasonable. I think as of now, the suggested MSRP of the base model is $23k. How much lower do they anticipate being able to go, while still making a profit?
Not expecting something that low since the base model won't come with a manual gearbox, instead it'll have a CVT automatic transmission. Just small things like privacy glass will be removed, so mid to high $20,000 is a good guess.
Most of the negative aspects of early reviews I've seen online, all suggest that the CVT is its biggest downfall. So perhaps to kill two birds with one stone we will see a revamped powertrain down the line. I had a chance to see the Eclipse Cross in person this past weekend and ill be sharing my impressions in the next few days.
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