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Computer has water damage

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I've got a 2018 Eclipse Cross (ES, 2wd). Its just over 2 yrs old now and been running great.

Then the unthinkable: FLOOD

Just moved into a new house, but was not told the street floods if it rains hard for an hour. One day my neighbor calls me at 8am. "Dude, get out and move your car NOW!". I waded through knee deep water and cringed as I opened the door and saw the gallons pouring in. Took me all day to get it close to dry and two weeks to get it completely.

A short time later I had some warning lights come on my dash: Airbags, ABS & DCS

Took it to the dealer, hoping to get it taken care of, as it's still under warranty. The first time I took it in, the warning lights had gone off on their own and there was no history of any prob, so they sent me home. But then it became more persistent, so I took it in and left it at the dealer for a week. They felt the floor damp and found corrosion on the circuit board of the PCM (onboard computer), and informed me that water damage voided the warranty, but they can replace it for approx $1,200.

Didn't have the cash to fix it. Still don't. Been driving for 6 months now without a real prob, besides no airbags, no ABS or traction stabilization.

I'm a PC technician and thought about taking out the computer and cleaning off the circuit board. Any reason I shouldn't?

Any other ideas that can help?

Thanks very much!
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