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I have a 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ES I got this vehicle last August 2022. And I've regretted it ever sense because it's nothing but a problem. The vehicle had 47k miles on it with a power train warranty up to 60k. So after a few weeks that P0301 code happens and I of course got a check engine light. The suv does this jerking vibration and putters and I lose horsepower. It literally sounds like something is grinding in the undercarriage. Engine light is flashing some times and sometimes not. The dealership has had the vehicle 4 times! Twice they claim they couldn't find anything wrong and the other two times they blamed it on the coil packs. And claimed to have replaced them and the spark plugs and wires. But yet the problem still isn't fixed and the warranty is expired. Anybody else heard of this issue or know what's causing it?
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