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Coolent temp low?

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It was 19F here yesterday, which is cold but not nearly as cold as its going to get here in the Tundra lol (not really).

I tried to warm my car up but after 20minutes I only had Luke warm air and the coolent temp gauge didn't register until I drove it a 1/4 mile. The CVT didn't whine in reverse which is usually what it does when its cold so that was fine.

The only thing I can think of is that the heat is being stolen by the transmission cooler/heater and maybe other components? I thought maybe it was low on coolent, but this isnt what happens when your low on coolent I don't believe
Or am I just impatient haha.
I often work where the only place to warm up is my car, it looks like I'm going to have to start it 30minutes early if I want to get warm
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Only other thing I can think of, is that the coolant systems Thermostat is opening to early, or it is stuck in the open position.
Seems kind of cold where you are, we are 9*C, so not too bad this morning.
The thermostat.. Alright I'll keep that in mind, I'll bring this up next time I'm at the dealership. And I'll test it out again on another cold morning.

Otherwise I'll assume I'm impatient since I've never owned a car with an engine this small.
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My EC warms up in less than 2 miles and the heater is delivering warm air into the car fairly quickly. Not had freezing temperatures as yet, but do not recall any heating issues last winter.
Not that it goes far below 32*F very often. Just the odd occasion it will drop down to 20/25*F but that is exceptional for us. He said hopefully.
Even at 19°F your engine should warm up fairly quickly. It should definitely NOT take 20 minutes, even at idle. FWIW a smaller engine should warm up faster than a larger one. The ignition point of gasoline is the same for both and the smaller engine has less mass to heat.
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I'll second that thermostat diagnosis from Telferstr. If nothing else, it's a good place to start.
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Well I don't know what to say the next time I started it the coolent gauge showed two bars after only three minutes and it warmed up fast.

I'll keep an eye on it but now it's warm again and I love it.

Here's a tip though; If you want to enhance the Eclipse Cross experience, drive around in an old highmileage Jeep during the week. Then the EC feels like a sport-touring machine and everything is quiet and nice
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Engine block heater needed.
It wouldn't hurt! I wouldn't be able to use one im in a parking lot, my Jeep daily actually has one too never used it.
i have 2019 es i start mine 20 min early and temp guage never moves and it is luke warm until i drive down the rd 1/4 mil-1/2 mile . cold here in new england . i have a 10 min. drive so i dont get very warm on my ride.
Hi, so that's how mine is as well in extreme cold weather, idling alone its similar to a Ford diesel truck!
However I did have my dealer check it out, they say its fine.

Ultimately when the engine has a load on it, it's fine, and its has been really cold for idling here as well
My Outlander Sport wasn't much better and it was running at 140,000miles when I traded it in so I'm not going to press my dealer on it.
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