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CVT fluid change

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I am interested in changing the CVT fluid myself in my 2019 Eclipse Cross. Has anyone performed this operation ? Is it just drain fluid and change filter or is it a little more involved than that?
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The process for the CVT fluid change is shown in the pic below. CVT fluid capacity is 7.8l so you can only drain 4.8l at a time hence the multi-step drain process:

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Also note the CVT fluid level check warnings:

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Great , thank you for the info. Is there a filter in the pan that is replaceable??
I use the online workshop manuals from the Russian site for all this info. There are technical and workshop manuals and more available at this link:

Oh and welcome to the forums...
Awesome , thanx again for the information. Looks much easier than when changing fluid in a conventional transmission. I am looking at changing ours every 75000 km which is about 3 years driving for us .
Hey guys, has anyone tried Amsoil's CVT fluid for your ride? I'm thinking of trying but am not sure if it's suitable. Here's the link - Synthetic CVT Fluid

Any advice is appreciated.

The fact that that site says one oil is compatible with both Mitsubishi DiaQueen J1 & J4 is suspicious. Those oils are not compatible with each other.

I wonder why Mitsubishi CVT have such a bad reputation.... Is it because people put the wrong oil in them?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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