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Dash Mat

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Received and fitted my dash mat this morning.

I find that a dash mat takes away 99% of the glare and stops any build up of vinyl/plastic film on the interior of the windscreen.

The dealer said that Mitsubishi didn't recommend them, wondering why, I asked Mitsubishi and this is their reply.

we don't promote the use of any non-genuine parts or accessories. If a problem or damage occurs as a result of using non-genuine parts or non-approved fluids or lubricants, your warranty may not cover the component affected or related components.

I don't think a dash mat would cause a problem and or damage, they would have a hard time convincing anyone that a dash mat voided the warranty. :grin::smile_big:
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Which dash mat did you end up fitting to your EC? And yeah that definitely sounds like an automated response, as obviously this accessory wont interfere with any of the vehicles components.
The left end of the dash has an Air Bag logo. I would want to check that the dash mat wouldn't interfere with the operation of the passenger airbag in any way.
Looks good, reasonable price too.
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Looks good, reasonable price too.
Hi all, got full set of seat covers (front and rear) plus dash mat from ebay.dash mat is perfect fit but have not yet fitted seat covers but they look good quality.. A bit expensive but still cheaper than buying individually.

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