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Door not closing

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Hello from NY I bought a 2022 eclipse cross about 4 months ago love it but now my driver door doesn't shut correctly I get warning that the front door is open I called Mt dealer and they told me the seat belt clip must of bent the door sensor he said it's fixable with the right tools but it was hard explaining over the phone how to fix it anyone have any pictures or videos that would help me with this? Thank you
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Did you actually close the door on the seat belt buckle? I wonder why your dealer is so quick to brush you off like that.
It has happen once or twice I don't think k there brushing me off they said I could bring it in to fix would only take about 30 min and about 100 bucks I am just trying to save money and time since they can't get me in for another week
Ah, okay, well I just looked at my door - a 2019 SEL but i doubt they reengineered the doors so it should be the same - and the switch is located in the frame just under the latch. It's got a black rubber cover on it. Hard to miss. And, apparently it's easy to dent the door with trapping the seat belt buckle between the door and the latch. I have a nice crease there, too, but my door still makes contact. I wonder if just sticking a piece of rubber on the inside of the door where it makes contact would solve your problem.

I would make sure you have the dealer check the next time you're in for service that the door isn't loose. That could be dangerous.
Subaru Impreza's had a similar issue if you slammed the door the switch would dent the door and would no longer make contact. On my passenger door where my door got slammed several times (even after warning) I ended up putting ~6 layers of electrical tape on the door side and that resolved the issue. It didn't need much, just enough.
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