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On my 2019 USA version Eclipse Cross...This isn't the whole procedure, just details related to doing it without removing the muffler...
Sorry no picts but I installed the Draw Tite Class 3 Hitch without loosening the Muffler. First remove the 1 horizontal and bottom 2 vertical securing pins (plastic/nylon) from the driver side rear wheel splash plate. This will allow you to open up sufficient space to pass your hand into the wheel well and over the top of the Carbon box. This is where the carriage bolts will be installed. Push both into, but not beyond the edge of the frame beam, so as not to block the raising of the hitch attachment flange. There is just enough room to slide the hitch up past your muffler exhaust tip as long as you first raise the Driver side of the hitch past the carbon box. (This is in opposite order from what my instruction sheet suggested I do.) Don't worry about final alignment yet but support the entire hitch weight from underneath with a 'shoe-box' size support so you can move to the Pax side. I placed the shoebox under the center of the hitch, so it works more as a pivot support. But this does apply a slight twisting force- towards level- to the hitch helping you for the next step. Now raise and wiggle the Pax side flange up until it contacts the muffler exhaust tip.If you apply a slight sideways force to the muffler, the tip will move the 6mm or so necessary for the flange to slide past and upwards into its mounting position. Cannot suggest a preferred order, but with enough hand clearance you should be able to raise the hitch high enough to pass all 4 carriage bolts through the hitch side flanges. Don't forget to reinstall the 3 plastic/nylon pins securing the drivers side rear wheel well splash shield. It won't have moved much because its still held there by a small bolt and another pin. Remember, you only need to remove the bottom 3 pins.
Hope this helps. It took about an hour to do this, but That doesn't include wiring the cord for lights.
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