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E10 Bio Fuel coming to the UK September 2021

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I already run my EC on E5 and the car just went through it's 1st MOT test with flying colours on emissions which all read Zero.

I know the car is labelled for 'E10' use so is anyone out there running their car on E10 now, and has it made any differences to driving, service etc?
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In Australia I have predominantly used E10 95 for 4 years without any issue. Just clocking over 105,000 km.
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To the best of my knowledge, just about every drop of gasoline we buy here in Canada (other than Shell V-Power 91 octane) is at least E10. I predominantly use Shell 89 octane (which is E10) and my EC works very well. YMMV of course, but I would use it with confidence.
Thanks guys for the response. Everything is always so negative hear in the UK about such changes so it's good to hear that it really isn't an issue.
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