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Eclipse cross 2022 console disassembly

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Hi all ,
I got the eclipse cross 2022 with alpine iLX-F905D system ,
I want to connect the Pre-out harness for external active subwoofer .
But can't find any decent guide for how to remove the console ,
please advise on this matter .
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Its very simple, The panel surrounding the hazard light swich pulls forward ( held in by clips) which the reveals the screws that hold in the audio unit
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Is there any points for the clips ?
i tried to pull out the panel but it seems holding very tough , don't want to break anything ...
This was installed by the dealer.
This was installed by the dealer.
I know this is a long shot but are you able to contact your dealer to ask about the dash kit? I can’t find a compatible dash kit online ANYWHERE and I really wanna upgrade to a 12 inch android head unit
Perhaps too late for the discussion starter, but for the next with the same question:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts