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Hi @AANZ. The best it has shown after full charge is 63kms and thats after flat road up to 80kph driving. I found one thing interesting that I am still "testing" and that with regen braking at max 5 the EV economy seemed to drop quite quickly. I noticed on the flat keeping a regular speed without cruise that if I dropped to regen 4 I could feel the travel free up a little and same for each level down to 0. In other words seemed to be some resistance even when not de-accelerating. Driving at regen 1 seems to give better economy on EV (maybe all in my head!). On hilly roads would be different when you can really use max regen. The lowest has been low 50's. The dealer told me it adjusts the expected EV economy after each drive. When I say EV I usually leave it in Normal mode EV. Cheers
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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