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Eclipse Cross Review

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Just wanted to share this video review of the Eclipse Cross. The guys over at TFLnow seem to think that Mitsubishi has packaged some incredible value in their latest offering.
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There isn't a whole lot of steering feel, but that's fine so long as you can get a good sense of what the front wheels are doing. You can definitely tell he's not a fan of CVTs. :D It's really fine IMHO, but he doesn't like how long the rpm is held before it drops.
After driving around this week, I can kinda understand what he means. To me, after the car gets rolling and the rpm’s drop, that’s when I feel the turbo kick in and it kinda pulls a little. I am very happy with the performance this little guy gives me. I have had no trouble going around slower vehicles and it goes up hills without drama. For just a shade over 150 hp, I have to say it has some go to it. I have however noticed that it does not like crosswinds too much, I find myself putting in a little steering input to keep it straight. That’s just being nit picky though lol
I think the turbo really helps to make up for the traditional weaknesses that are found in CVT's. It was a really smart move by Mitsubishi to use one here. It's probably only a matter of time until we see all CVT's adopt Toyota's new launch gear.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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