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Engine management

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My enthusiasm for the Eclipse has dampened. Engine management light came on.
Camshaft sensors have been renewed under manufacturer's warranty and yet the engine management light is on again.
There are no performance problems, but the light is on and it drives me crazy.
Sometimes there is a starting delay (keyless) and the engine management light comes on. But it also comes on when there is no starting delay....
At the moment the Mitsubishi dealer doesn`t have any solution to this problem..........
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Don't they get a trouble code? It should at least point them in the right direction. A lot of these random errors come from a vacuum leak, bad ground or a gas cap that doesn't fit quite right.
I should think so. I wasn`t directly involved, because the car seller, who sold me this car took it to the dealer himself, because of the manufacturer's warranty until december 24th 2022. It was bad service of the Mitsubishi dealer. Car has been brought in on last Monday, but he started working on it on Wednesday morning. Unbelievable!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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