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Fcm ssystem

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Purchase the eclipse in June 2018 all good 33mpg,updates all carried out. This includes the FCM system reprogramming but last week whilst driving at approx 25mph clear road ahead car following without warning all four brakes locked on. The noise was horrendous, fortunately the car behind managed to stop, got checked underneath all clear drove causally home. Contacted dealer took it straight in they checked out found incident stored on computer but couldn't find a problem because it had the update installed couldn't explain why it this happened. They have contacted Mitsubishi with their findings we are waiting for a response. It was a very frightening experience.
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I had a similar experience: 25mph, clear road ahead, horrendous scraping noise as brakes locked on. Fortunately they released after about half a second. The only notable thing was that the temperature was below freezing. This was before I had the software update, but there's no suggestion that the software update would have made a difference.

I'm trying to get into the habit of touching the brakes every time the "Brake!" warning flashes up, because pressing the brake or swerving overrides the automatic braking.

I agree with you that it's a very frightening experience.
Are there any other issues like this to be worried about? The lack of EC's on the road is a bit concerning compared to other new SUV's I have seen more of.
Hello , EC owner ,

Regarding the FCM system , is there any updated??
It's system issue or driving way or environment (ex:shadow caused it).
I would think it's a design or sensitivity issue. Last week I was driving home as it was snowing and it was that wet, clinging kind of snow. About halfway home I get a warning on the dash that said FCM blocked and the system was turned off. When I got home there was a good layer of slushy snow over the front of the bumper where the FCM sensor is located.
Only had this happen twice in my 6 months of ownership. After reading about this on other forums I was quick to take a quick stock of surroundings at the time of the occurrence for my own information.

First time I was heading down hill on a dip in the terrain. Bright sunshine on the uphill road ahead which was quite steep. The dash BRAKE! flashed up and the brakes began to apply with anti-locking. As the car started up the incline on the other side the warning disappeared just as quickly as it came and things ran smoothly after that for the trip.

Last time it happened was in freeway traffic and I was driving on the inside lane close to the median (on the right in Australia) which was separated from oncoming traffic by the restraining cable system (meat slicers as motorcycle riders like to call them) so there was no interference as such from the median restraint. Driving a sweeping left hand curve and there was a large bright coloured semi-trailer (HGV for the English) going the other direction in the centre of the opposing three lanes. Same thing happened, BRAKE! appeared and the anti-locking kicked in as the system braked the car hard. Lucky that it was on a dry road and no other cars behind as it would have been hairy in the wet. Effect was only momentary and nothing happened after that during the trip.

It is unnerving when it occurs and I am wary of the system in bright conditions. One thing I have done is to set the FCM distance (via the FCM ON/OFF switch near the drivers door) to the minimum NEAR setting so the system doesn't look so far ahead for issues. Haven't had a problem since I have made this setting change. The FCM ON/OFF switch changes the distance with each push from FAR to MIDDLE to NEAR with each push of the button. Prolonged press turns it OFF completely.
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PS. The owners manual notes that, regardless of the FCM setting, the measured distance will increase as your speed increases to enable safe function so the NEAR settings should be sufficient for my driving style.
This is concerning! I live in very snowy conditions and so far I am yet to see the fcm engage. I have only had it a month though. It would be very very bad if that happens in the winter... Roads are so icy up here a lot of the time and braking hard is never the right move unless you want to introduce the ditch to the roof of your car! Do you all have the 2018? Or is this across the 2019 as well?
The one time the brakes came on for me, I got quite a fright. The system applies the brakes really hard, and the anti-lock system makes a loud grating noise.

About once a week I get the "Brake!" warning lighting up. It has always been a false alarm, and I usually tap the footbrake briefly which that tells the system not to trigger the automatic braking. But I hate it!

I like zarbs' suggestion to change the FCM distance to "near", but then I fear the "Brake!" warning wouldn't light up in time for me to tap the brake before the automatic braking is triggered.
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