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So a few thoughts on the Eclipse Cross after 2 week’s of ownership
Am I pleased that we exchanged yes we are ,the car seems a bit more solid than the outlander the engine noise seems more dampened ,plus I do not have the wind sound on the drivers door ( left hand drive).
The car in general seems much more quieter on the motorway and you cannot hear the motor so much great with the type 2 charging port, plus the light under the charging plugs are some of the things I like
I like the dark interior ,interior black roof ,
I like the placement of switches ( some say they are old fashioned but to me they are just switches so as long as the work .
I like the hud
I like the small lighting under the door grab and chrome lever.
I like the heated rear seats
Yes it’s smaller but it’s fine for us plenty of room.
Couple of things I don’t like
steering wheel they have gone back to the old one from the ASX with the hard plastic at the bottom
I miss the gauge so you can see the regen ( bottom between fuel and batt levels)
Miss the rear usb
I am sure I will find more but we are pleased with the car .
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