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First Mitsubishi for me.

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Hi all,
Just a quick introduction. Live in the Uk and have decided to trade my 2018 Honda CRV awd for an eclipse cross exceed. Did a lot of research and the Eclipse ticked all the boxes. Brother in law has owned a 1st edition from new and loves it. Only down side for me was buying a new car just as Mitsibushi are leaving the Uk and Europe. But loved the look and driving the brother in laws decided its worth the gamble. Cant imagine Mitsibushi would leave current owners high and dry anyway. Take care all, stay safe.
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Welcome to the forum, @Baldsparky. I test drove a few cars when I was in the market last year, but skipped the CRV only because a friend's wife has one and is sorely disappointed with it. On paper, I'll admit that the Eclipse Cross looks like another "me too" crossover, but the difference comes when you get behind the wheel. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.
Welcome to the forums. Enjoy the conversation.
Hi Baldsparky,
Welcome to the forum and nice to have another UK member on board. Hope you enjoy the Forum and of course your new Eclipse Cross.
Welcome to the forum! I searched for 4 years until I found the EC and I love it. Hope you do too.
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