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Front License Plate mount

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Hi all,

I bought a 2019 EC SEL a few months ago. Does anyone have any good recommendations on mounting the front lic plate. I'd rather not have to drill any holes if possible and would rather not get fined for something as silly as a front plate.

Thanks in advance!
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Here's my opinion ... If you are required by law do display a front plate (Here in PA we are not) just go ahead and drill a couple of small holes in the front bumper cover. There are two tiny dimples which I assume are for locating the recommended holes for a front plate. Any type of clamp-on plate holder will probably do as much damage to the plastic as a couple of screw holes.

I looked around and there don't seem to be any "no drill" plate frame options specifically for the EC, but you could probably get one for a Porsche or Miata and adapt it. They sell between $80 and $90.
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Hi and welcome. Unfortunately most of us here are from countries that require a front licence plate installed and Mitsubishi have installed the mounts into the bumper for that purpose. Given the slight differences with the USA version of the front bumper I would guess they aren't even available behind the bumper plastics. It always amused me to travel around the USA with my work seeing cars with no front plate nor any support for mounting one. You might look at and search for licence plate mount for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. I have seen some come up in my searches for other items over the last few months. They may clip onto the front bumper section with minimal damage to the bumper finish. Try eBay also as they carry heaps of different styles. You might also check with the Parts Dept of your dealer to see if they have anything to suit. Enjoy the forums...
Many of the dealers in "no front plate states" use that as an opportunity to mount a dealer plate for some free advertising. FWIW, only 19 states in the U.S. do not require front plates. 31 do.
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