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Front silver bumper trim

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Good Morning

I want to replace the front lower silver bumper trim on my partners 2018 Eclipse as someone has hit it with a tow ball and now it's all scuffed and scratched. Has anyone ever swapped this out before? I am assuming it should be easy enough but your advice is much appreciated.

If anyone has a drawing, that would be brilliant.

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Part is held on by several (6?) push clips and has tabs which lock into the bumper on the parts leading edge. Part number is the number on the left of the highlight in blue:

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Another view of the panel (13 in the diagram) with a clearer view of the clip locations. By the diagram they look like scrivets. Use a flat tip screw driver to pull out the centre section of scrivet and then you can remove it from the hole in the part. To reassemble ensure the centre pin is out and push the body of the scrivet into hole ensuring both the panel and body holes are aligned correctly. Once in push the centre pin home (flat) to the panel and ensure it is locked in place. The diagram shows 4 tabs (I've circled one) on the leading edge and these should sit into (behind) the painted bumper panel. I've not removed this part myself and am only going on the view shown. Its may be slightly different in real life...

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On the second image, do you know if part 11 needs removing. I'm thinking part 11 will need to be off to install clip 12 behind?
On the second image, do you know if part 11 needs removing. I'm thinking part 11 will need to be off to install clip 12 behind?
11 is the black centre grille section and won't need to come off. Looking at my EC there are just the 6 scrivets the need to be removed. The part actually fits OVER the black section at the top edge rather than under like I first noted (what I marked as tabs are actually the flutes in the fascia plastic - my bad). I am unable to do a test removal as I have a nudge bar with LED light bar attached over the top and it's a pain to remove just to test.

When I fitted my nudge bar the whole bumper section had to come off the car. In the pic I took from the inside whilst off you can see that the only thing holding the fascia panel on is the 6 scrivets (3 circled at the bottom of the pic below). There is a row of empty scrivet holes where I detached the bumper from the under body shield protecting the engine. Part marked as 12 does not appear anywhere in this pic affecting the fascia removal.

Note - If you look at the opening above the drilled holes I made you will see the clips holding the black fascia section on. If it needed to come off then the whole bumper may need to be removed as the securing tabs/clips are not easily accessible whilst on the car.

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So, I went out to my EC and removed the 6 scrivets from the lower panel and it comes away from the bumper assembly at the bottom easily. I was unable to do any more as the nudge bar was in the way but my take is that you just need to pry the top section away from the bumper to remove it completely. It should be held in place by a set of clips or tabs. Placing a plastic pry tool (eBay or AliExpress have them in kits) in the left or right edge, at the closest pinch point, and work your way to the centre of the panel popping the panel out of the top clips as you go. Looking at the back of the new part will give you a good idea of where the clips/tabs are on the part to be removed so you can use that as a guide of where to put your pressure with the pry tool.

As you are replacing the part I wouldn't be too concerned about damage to the old part but be careful not to mar the surface of the bumper when using the pry tool. Being plastic they are quite forgiving. If you use a flat tip screw driver ensure you wrap it in tape or a cloth to prevent scratches.
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Here is a link to a simple pry tool set. Check your local eBay shop front to see one in your local currency:

This is cheap but you can go the whole hog and get a comprehensive set like this:

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Hi Zarbs

I've got the lower trim off but this adds to my concern.

The image below is the new trim with the clips that I am going to be unable to reach unless I'm missing something. Obviously the circles are where the push clips go into.

Appreciate your help

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You say you have the lower trim off the car. What does that trim look like and how did it come off? In the pic supplied I take it this is the replacement part. How do they compare? Take a pic of both parts together (old and new).

Did anything break off the old trim when you removed it? Can you take a pic of the upper (dark) clip in the supplied pic from the side view so we can see the shape of the clip itself. This may give some idea of how it locks onto the bumper panel. The purpose of the white clip is unknown. It may be that the single protrusion on the outside is meant to fold up and then plug into the bumper panel in some way and then fold flat. Without seeing the bumper panel it is hard to understand its use.

If you have the old trim off what condition is the white clip in and what is in the area of this clip on the bumper panel? Can you show a pic of the bumper panel with the trim removed?

Installation should be the reverse of the removal process of the trim you have removed. You push the top edge down onto the bumper to lock the upper edge in place with the protrusions shown clipping into the receptacle hole along the top section and then the lower section should sit flush to the bottom edge so you can push the scrivets into each whole to lock them into place.

Sorry but not being able to do this on my own car makes assistance difficult given the pic you supplied. How many of the grey clips are there along the top part of the trim? A pic of the whole part may assist in understanding the layout of the top section.

If you don't have the old trim off, remove all the scrivets from the bottom edge and you should be able to pull the trim away from the bumper. With it pulled away run your fingers up inside between the two panels and feel for anything that is connecting the two panels. In particular run your fingers around the area of the white clip to see if it is locked in place on the bumper.
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The position of the white clip in your pic shows it sits between pins 2 and 3 (from the left) on the trim. That is between the two left most clips on my pic above. As you can see from that there is no protrusion of the white clip into the bumper on my pic. I will check my setup in the morning to see what I can see but it doesn't look like it connects through the bumper. Strange.
A great way to spend a Sunday morning. I put my EC up on a set of ramps to get clear access to the bumper trim. I removed all 6 scrivets and then propped the trim away from the bumper with my pry tools (first pic).


The second pic shows the location of the locating clip on the top edge of the trim. By the limited view I have it looks like a simple hook clip. Whilst I have circled the location it is very hard to see.


Here is your pic blown up to show the two plastic tracks on the trim that I can see in my pic:


After seeing the grey clip closer up it looks like it just fits over a corresponding hole in the bumper and pushes down to lock into place. Also the white clip is dirty and doesn't show any connection marks for a mating area on the bumper. This leads me to believe the white clip is redundant. Unless you can find a matching location on the bumper where this clip fits I would disregard it. It is possible that it may have originally been to hold down a part of the wiring harness on the US model. I can not offer any further assistance in that regard as my build doesn't have the clip. As we don't have it I don't think it will play a major role in the integrity of the bumper extension and its connection to the bumper proper.

Finally, the disassembly process for breaking down the bumper parts does not mention any special requirements for reassembly (a reversal of the disassemble process listed) regarding the white clip. It also does not mention the need to remove anything from the white clip during the disassemble. If it had a connection it would be noted in the steps. Here is the list of steps from the workshop manual. Numbers correspond to the second blow up part diagram I posted above:


NOTE: This process would be followed if replacing the main structure of the bumper but keeping the attachments which would require the removal of all the parts to be moved to the new bumper. In your case you are just replacing from bumper extension.

I had a look at the rear bumper disassembly pic and it also has a single clip (I suspect white as well) on the inside of the bumper but nothing is mentioned for it either. Weird.
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