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Fuel door lid doesn't stay open

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Hi, all -

I'm just curious if the fuel door in your ECs have a retaining spring mechanism that keeps the fuel door open while you're refueling?

Or, does it just hang freely on the hinge and have a tendency to shut very easily with wind / the incline of the ground? (say, in the case where there might be an up-slope in the gas pump pavement)

Wondering if this is an "issue" that's common with ECs across the world, or maybe just in this region, or perhaps just with mine.

The reason I ask is, I'd think that, much like with older vehicles, there's some kind of retaining spring mechanism that keeps the fuel door ajar when it opens up to a certain degree.
Seriously, it's an annoying and lazy little oversight in design (if in fact this vehicle doesn't have such a part).

See this video, for reference: (my problem, at the 20s mark)

The appropriate behavior after the fix in this video, at 4:10.
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Mine is the same, no means of keeping it open. I find it a PITA when fueling at certain stations.
Mine is the same too, 2019. I can't believe it's made this way. The first car I see like this in my hole life.
Same here, one of the short cuts to maintain competitive pricing I suppose..
Same here. I agree with Telferstr, it's likely to keep the car affordable. The vehicle doesn't have hood struts either and doesn't fit an entire bottle of windshield washing fluid at once. All probably too cut costs and still give you the leather seats and fancy other stuff to be competitive.

The filler door doesn't bother me.
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