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I was looking at pictures of eclipse cross turbos on ebay and haven't ever found any discussion beyond "it's so small" I thought I would post what it is.


Similar but not identical to types used on Kubota tractors and similar small desiel engines. IHI further developed this turbo originally for the Chinese market and other markets with small 1.2l etc. 4 cylinders and similar engines. The primary difference between this turbo and ones on tractors is the bearing is full floating. The paper I found also mentioned the exhuast temperature difference but not what changes if any they made.
It spins to 270,000rpms which is like 30-40,000 faster than standard turbo.

They use the speed to reduce lag and create the effect of a larger turbo. But essentially the goal was to make a small four cylinder engine perform like a slightly larger 4cyl. engine.

I removed the plastic engine cover, and there is a cool FMIC pipe in black.
It's confusing at first but once I realized that the turbo has a 90deg. inlet you can visualize the setup.

Since the turbo is making lots of hot air i would say it explains the fairly sized intercooler (in my opinion). The intercooler has plastic end tanks but still nice to look at. I like that Mitsubishi puts it right up front and not in the wheel well, or top like a Subaru.
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