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Good morning, I am a Newbie!

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Thanks to the administrators for setting up this forum.
I have had my Eclipse Cross Exceed for about 6 months now and still enjoy getting behind the wheel and heading out. I live in Melbourne, Australia.
There are features I really like and there are features I wish Mitsubishi would add.
I have booked my car in for the software upgrade (FCM) and I'll be asking the dealer some of the questions I didn't know about when I first looked at the car.
My car prior to this one was a Kia Cerato, and only after getting in and out of the EC did I realise how low to the ground the Kia was.
I just love the surround cameras when parking - so much easier and precise.
I am looking forward to browsing this forum to learn more about this car and its features.
Thanks for reading.
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Welcome to the forum and glad to hear that you've been pleased with your EC thus far. Have you seen many other Eclipses on the road over there?
G'day mate, I'm in Adelaide and also have the exceed.
Hi Aleksander and thanks for the warm welcome.
I have seen a couple running around my area and for a couple of weeks now, when I go to my local shopping centre same day each week, when I come back to the car, parked next door and with precision alignment is another EC!
I have the red, this one next door was a blue - I was impressed that we had this connection - albeit tenuous - for a few moments there.
Hello oldsalt, thanks for your response. I have wondered how the EC would fare on the Western Highway driving to Adelaide - one of the great drives in this corner of Australia. I think this car would make it a comfortable drive. Who knows, one day.....
Mine is also red and I have added a few bits of bling from Aliexpress to make it a bit different.

Driving on any highway in Australia these days is a risk, most truckies are running on meth and the roads are not up to scratch. Despite that, given all the safety features on the Exceed I would confidently do the the trip.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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