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Hello from Connecticut

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We took delivery of a 2023 Eclipse Cross SEL with Touring Package and S-AWC in White Diamond paint about a month ago. It was extremely difficult to find an EC equipped how I wanted and unfortunately, Mitsubishi does not allow custom orders of the EC. We ended up purchasing the vehicle from a dealer over 1000 miles away in Georgia with NO market adjustment, and drove it home over the weekend. Very happy with it so far and am looking forward to my first winter with it. I recently had the windows tinted but haven’t taken any good photos as of yet, I’ll upload some soon.
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By no market adjust you mean no premium just for having the car in stock basically correct? So you paid sticker, if that’s ok to ask? Man are mitus going for sticker at dealers these days? Pre Covid I think most people that bought them was mainly because they were so heavily discounted and / or you had bad credit lol. I my self was curious to see the split window on my model and ended up buying because it was heavily discounted at the time.
Although I like the look of the split window more than the new model ( I know a lot of people hate it lol ) but I do like the larger screen in the new model. Also I think the face is improved on the newer model with the sharper headlights and such.
Yes, by market adjustment I mean paying above MSRP. Most of the Mitsubishi dealers are charging a market adjustment of $2500-$5000 due to demand. Even the pre-owned Mitsubishi’s are selling for top dollar now. I’ve seen 2-3 year old Outlander Sports selling for almost new retail price. There were only two white diamond SEL Touring in the country when I was searching; one in Georgia and one in Florida. The Georgia dealer agreed to remove their $2500 market adjustment and also arranged for my transportation to take delivery of the vehicle. The Florida dealer refused to remove their market adjustment charge. Oddly, we were able to purchase a new 2022 Outlander at the beginning of this year with no market adjustment and got the rebates to lower the price. It seems the redesigned Outlander has really improved sales.
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