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As base models of the Eclipse Cross all have 16" Wheels, I think your dealer may be giving you incorrect information, unless the French specification is different to that of most other markets. However they may well be correct, if an electric handbrake is specified.
I would think you can fit 16"wheels to your car but check this out with Mitsubishi Europe HQ should be able to confirm that 16" wheels will fit onto your car.
Welcome to the forum and wish you many happy miles, or should that be kilometres, with your Eclipse Cross.
Address. 3 Avenue Hoche 75008 Paris, France. Telephone +33-1-4054-4848. Facsimile +33-1-4054-4816.

Ah, I forgot about the electric handbrake setup, my car has 18" Wheels but has a handbrake lever. Still worth checking with Mitsubishi though, as they may be able to help you.
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