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Hello from Japan

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Hi, everyone.
Joined this forum from Japan.

I hoping to be able to exchange topic of information, parts, mods, and others.
But I'm not good at English, as many Japanese are.

Thanks glad.


The reply I posted doesn't seem to show because needs approval.
What should I do?
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Welcome to the forums. Enjoy the discussions. I know Japan has a large mods community for many brands and models. Look forward to your input.

I'd been interested to know a web store in Japan that sells trim accessories for the right hand drive version. Much of the stuff on eBay and AliExpress is geared to the USA and European left hand drive model. After three tries I am still unable to get a carbon fibre style cover for the Aircon controls in the dash/console as the left and right hand drive versions are different.
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Is that "minkara"?
I joining it community too, the URL is written on my profile.
Although it is a Japanese language community, please visit that.

It not found the carbon fiber style cover for aircon control panel in Japan.
It seems that some people put their own wrapping sheets.
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Sorry I missed your post.
Welcome to the Forum and hope you enjoy being a member.
Welcome to the forum! Happy to have another member!
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