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Hi all just. to say hi from the isle of wight uk

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The eclipse cross is my first SUV and love it come to that my first auto box as well on that subject is it normal for the cold to effect the gear change not sure if it's normal or not. Thanks all
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Welcome, Red cross! The Eclipse Cross was my first SUV and my first auto box too.

In what way is the cold affecting your gear change?
Welcome, Red cross! The Eclipse Cross was my first SUV and my first autoo box too.

In what way is the cold affecting your gear change?
hi thanks for the reply, I've noticed when it's cold in the morning that it won't change up the gear range and it will stay in 3rd or 4th till things warm up then runs perfectly. As I say I'm totally new to autos and not sure if this is the norm.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new EC! I've heard of hard shifting when cold but remember that the Eclipse has a CVT. You aren't going to feel the conventional gear shifts that you are used to.
I sometimes wish that the CVT had a true continuous option that we could use as a baseline for evaluating the gear shifting behaviour.

I'd say if your car won't go above 4th with a cold engine, even at motorway speeds, that's a fault. On the other hand, it would be reasonable if it selected a lower gear than usual until the engine heats up and can deliver its full power. I guess there aren't any motorways on the Isle Of Wight for you to try this out.

I'm in the north of England and in the recent very cold snap it did seem as if there was sometimes a short delay before it changed gears, but it did go up to 8th gear at motorway speeds.

Remember you can always override the gears if you don't like the ones it chooses. Pushing the gearstick left then up/down makes it choose a slightly higher/lower gear than it would otherwise use, or you can use the paddles to get exactly the ratio you want.
Thanks for your reply's guy's I've found that if I keep the revs down and take it it easy it clears quicker than being heavy footed. I have tried selecting the gears manuely but it made no difference it's like driving with kickkdown on if that make sense.
Maybe a trip to the dealership is in order.
I'm starting to think that Mitsubishi would have been better off giving this sporty SUV a DCT transmission, even if it would have come at an extra cost to them. During at time that higher end brands are doing it, making it available in a cheaper offering might have been the right move.
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