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Hi From Australia

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G'day fellas.

I'm a English import into Australia. Hopefully better than the crappy British Leyland stuff back in the 70's

Working in Victoria as a Master tech for Mitsubishi Dealer.

Big fan of the E'Cross, but a Triton Driver.
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Marina? Allegro? Where would i stop?

It was meant in humour though.

Oh well, looks like we wont be friends LOL
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Agree but those 2 mentioned were nothing to do with the Leyland Motor Corporation. Humour may be, but the like of it has unfortunately destroyed a lot of good British Companies reputations. Strangely enough we had an Allegro Estate for many years and it was great wee car, which we had no problems with it at all.
The BL fiasco though, has a great deal to answer for.
Unfortunate, humour or not, I happen to take it very seriously.
Anyway, as said, welcome and hope you enjoy the Forum and hope you are well settled in Australia. I am thoroughly enjoying my Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and finding it an excellent car for my needs.
In the Link I attached to the previous post, which has strangely disappeared, there are some pictures of Albions working in Australia including Sydney Albion CX 19 and 37 Double Deck buses.
Here is a new Link:- albion sure as the sunrise - Bing images albion sure as the sunrise - Bing images The Green Albion Double Decker Model CX 19 it is an ex Sydney vehicle, brought back to Scotland and restored to full working order. The bodywork was originally built in Australia, I think by a company in Sydney.
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This'll date me but I fondly remember riding the top deck of the Sydney double deckers as a young child. Sometimes heading to Bondi Beach on one when the trams were having track service. Used to ride one to school swimming carnivals and the like as well. Ahhh, the memories...

In my teenage years BL had their assembly plant just south of Liverpool in Sydney after it moved out of the inner Sydney suburb of Zetland where it had been for many years. For us the P76 was a Leylend car you either loved or hated. I got to drive one for a few weeks and they weren't too bad but the overall build standard let it down. They had Stromberg carby's which were temperamental at best.
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