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Hi from Singapore

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Just got my White Eclipse cross a week ago and is very happy with the performance. However yesterday found cat poop on my car bonnet. Tried cleaning using water but can't seem to remove the stain completely.
Can advise on how to remove the stain. Anyway to prevent cat from climbing onto the bonnet? As the car paint was done with Ceramic coat so i do not wan to do any polishing. Thanks in advance.
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Hello Preston and welcome to the forum! Singapore is beautiful; we visited there in 2019 and enjoyed it immensely. And congratulations on the new EC!

As far as the cat scat is concerned, I'm afraid I won't be of much help. Perhaps a bit of bug or tar remover and/or some synthetic wax? As far as prevention is concerned, perhaps you should invest in a dog ;). Seriously though, perhaps the best thing would be a car cover but that can be a pain.

Good luck and let us know what the solution is.
Welcome @Preston.S. Singapore is a long time fave with me. Spent a lot of time there with my employer on business in the past.

I don't know how this will affect your ceramic coating but for those hard to budge spots on the paintwork bonnet or roof I soak a cotton wool ball in kerosine and sit its on the offending area for as long as possible. I don't have any paint protection on my EC but it works a treat. I also use kerosine as a wipe to remove stains from tree sap and other foreign bodies. It softens the hard sections and allows it to be removed with a wipe. It penetrates most pesky droppings and stains. I also use its to regularly wash my wheels to bring out the original shine and clean off nasty bits like asphalt stuck to the inner wheel well. Kerosine is used in asphalt during production.

Caveat - Try this on a small section of you paintwork that is unobtrusive to check whether the ceramic coating is affected adversely by the kerosine. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)
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Hi Presto Welcome to the Forum and hope you have many happy miles with your Eclipse Cross.
I would try a good quality car polish first and see if that removes the staining. If that does not work, maybe try Zarbs advice.
Vinegar. And then Polishing compound :)

And, welcome!
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