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High whistling sound

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Hello everyone,

I have Eclipse Cross 2018 FWD. 1 month back I started having this sound.

It is mainly there when the car is fully stopped on traffic light. I have noticed that using the autohold button decreases the frequency of this noise.

I tried to visit a local car maintenance company and ended up changing the 4 breaks. This improved the problem but only for 2 day.

The car is in excellent condition and I don't have any other problems or major accidents.

Thank you.
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Man that must be annoying as hell. Bad rotor? No grease on the brake shims or something? I’m not sure. Hope you figure it out
My Cross whistled due to the Turbo fins being faulty! They were litterally expanding and erroding inside the turbo. Thier aluminum pos blades lol. Whisted like crazy from the front driver hood area! They faught me until i was over 130,000km but they replaced my entire turbo and interxooler setup on the powertrain warranty! Had to prove the issie though!
I've already had this problem.I only had the fan replaced an now no more noise at all.
Don't mess with your turbo fins, check your fans first , one of them is broken!
Thats deffenatly not the same sound i was getting with mine. Id deff have them check your dash fans. Mybad lol mine was much winier and it was only while i accellerated from my intake and turbo!
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