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Hood Protector

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Hi all.
I live in the UK and I have An Eclipse Cross on order but I have a problem.
I always fit a hood protector on my cars but for some strange reason, Mitsubishi UK don't have them for sale in this country.
They are available from Mitsubishi dealers in the USA however. I was wondering if anyone in the US could help me get one and ship it over to me?




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I've tried loads of dealers in the US but none will ship overseas. :sad:
I've found a dealer that will ship to the UK at last.
I was going to suggest getting film protection instead, if you were having difficulty sourcing a dealer. Glad to hear that your hard work paid off :) Is there any word on when you should take delivery?
When I ordered the Eclipse Cross in March I was told I would have it around the middle to end of April.
They have now told me to expect it at the end of May. I don't think they can make them fast enough to match the early demand.
Well its good to see that there is so much interest in it, which isn't all to surprising considering what you're getting for the money. I'm hoping that we see a good amount of aftermarket support for this new model as well.
Been trying exactly the same as you Hommes, really want to get a bonnet protector but had no luck with Mitsubishi Europe. Do you have the details of the North American dealership who's willing to post out to the UK?
I'm also wanting to get my hands on the wind deflectors for the windows too.
Maybe the dealer will be able to ship one from US if you give them a parts number? hommes found one so we know it is possible.
Hi Alan.
Did you get my PM about the hood protector?
I've found a dealer that will ship to the UK at last.
Hi Hommes,

Would you please send me the seller URL ?

Try this guy.He is the parts guy at Sunnyside Mitsubishi in Ohio. He was very helpful and willing to ship to the UK. I didn't use a dealer in the end as a friend living in the US offered to get it done for me. Just be ready for the customs charges etc on top which you have to pay before its delivered to you.
Mitsubishi have always pissed me off with silly stuff like this. lol. I can only find the wind deflectors on the Mitsubishi NZ site.

Doug Kundtz. email: [email protected]

The hood protector part number is MZ314973
Thanks for the info, I will try him and see how much will it cost , One guy already replied to my request in Ebay USA, he said he is ready to send but the shipping will cost 75$ which is almost 80% of the Article price.

But thanks I will contact him and lets see how much will he offer !!!
By the way one more question Does your Car's suspensions make loud noise when you are driving in a not a good conditioned Road( Bad Asphalt or something ) ?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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