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Admin, please make this a sticky if possible

To All; I recently did a oil change myself. Then I went about trying to find out how to reset the service reminder. The owners manual includes the instructions on how to reset. I did that. It previously had the Normal schedule which is like 10 months or 11200 miles whichever comes first. Well, I am old school and I would never let my car go that long without an oil change. I changed it at 3500 miles this time, as it was the 1st change. I may go to 5000 in the future but we will see.

So, the owners manual did not have any further info on changing the amount of mileage. So I found the service manual. The service manual says the shop can do it with their "MUT-IIISE" which is like a $500 item so kind of out of the question for me. The service manual also had some instructions about some limited functions you can perform with special "Hidden" button commands. I am sharing my experience here. The instructions were not actually correct, whether it was a translation mistake or whether they just did not care, I do not know. Manufacturers should make all of this info easily available to consumers and stop hiding it, IMHO.

Here are the instructions directly from the manual. Trust me they do not work. Below you will see my own instructions that DO work.
+++++ Service Manual ++++++++
1. Turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position.
2. By operating the meter information switch, the warning period is displayed on the odometer.
3. Press the meter information switch once for 1.2 seconds or longer.
4. The service reminder indicator flashes.
5. While the service reminder indicator flashes, press the meter information switch for 1.2 seconds or longer and 3 times consecutively.
6. The service reminder indicator is turned ON, and the current schedule is displayed on the odometer display.
7. While the current schedule is displayed, press the meter information switch for less than 1.2 seconds and 3 times consecutively.
8. The odometer display is shifted to the schedule selection mode.
9. When the meter information switch is pressed for less than 1.2 seconds, the schedule is shifted, and when the switch is pressed for 1.2 seconds or longer, the displayed schedule is set.
note For schedule, "JPN", "EU", "NAS", "GCC/EXP", "MMAL" and "SEVERE" can also be selected. However, the using shall be for "Normal" only.
10. The schedule set in Step 9 is displayed for 3 seconds, and the warning period to the next time is displayed.

Schedule table <Except vehicles for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore>
Schedule Contents of schedule
Normal Elapsed time (month) Every 12 elapsed months
Driving distance (miles) Every 12,500 miles of driving distance
Driving distance (km) Every 20,000 km of driving distance
Schedule table <Vehicles for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore>
Schedule Contents of schedule
Normal Elapsed time (month) Every 6 elapsed months
Driving distance (miles) Every 6,000 miles of driving distance
Driving distance (km) Every 10,000 km of driving distance

++++ Instructions from N9JCV ++++++
make sure car is off and foot off brake pedal
on the left side of the steering wheel on the dash are the 3 buttons to control the dash menu for mileage and such, these are the buttons to use. You have a up and down button and a middle button I will call the Menu button.

Press the up/down button until you get to the screen that displays the mileage/time for the service reminder. There will be a wrench displayed as well. Now you will need to long press (more than 1.2 seconds) the menu button. After you do this the wrench will blink. Now you need to long press the menu button 3 more times, the wrench will keep blinking. When you do these subsequent 3 long presses, after the 1.2 seconds you will hear a beep, when you hear the beep release the menu button and then begin the next long press. After the 4th long press, It will now display the current service schedule, mine and probably all US vehicles are set to "Normal", which has a mileage of 11200 and time of 10 months.

Now while the Normal/Service Schedule is displayed, you again need to long press the menu button, and it will begin to blink. Now very quickly press the menu button 5 times in a row, quickly, if you have done all this correctly the Normal will now be blinking. It is at this point you can use the up down arrows to scroll thru a list of 19 service schedules. You simply scroll thru, find the one you want, and then long press the menu button to save.

Schedules - Not documented elsewhere as far as I know. I looked at all of them in detail to create this documentation.

AUS 6200 10 MONTHS
GCC20 ----- --
GCC10 2200 4 MONTHS
EU20 700 4 MONTHS
EU11 8700 10 MONTHS
EU10 5200 10 MONTHS
NAS21 ----- --
NAS20 1200 3 MONTHS
NAS11 ----- --
NAS10 3700 4 MONTHS
JPN11 ----- --
JPN10 ----- --
SEVERE ----- --

I am kind of assuming those with the ----- can be customized to any mileage/months, but have not figured that out, perhaps you can only do that with the MUTIIISE

So I set my service reminder to NAS10 for 3700 miles. I hope this helps others. Let's all work together to spread this type of knowledge about our vehicles.

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i'm old school as well and change oil on my cars every 3000 miles. if the reminder is asking for 6000 miles, i'll change it at 3000 then 6000 then reset.

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I do not want to get into a debate about using conventional oil or synthetic, but I too would consider myself 'old school' but when it comes to time, money, performance and buildup, you cannot beat a full synthetic oil.
Besides, that engine in your new EC is designed to use synthetic though it will be just fine with conventional but you lose out on the benefits.

There are many articles about the difference and it all usually comes down to 'old school' stubbornness to those that wont switch. My father was this way until we restored a 78 T-bird. After the engine overhaul (boring etc), I spent days gathering the information between them and finally he let me use a synthetic blend to start showing him. After the third oil change he decided that we move to full synthetic.
Each spring after the car sits all winter, it gets its oil changed for the year and the difference is night and day. Though the car only sees about 4000 miles a year max, the engine performance is not dropping like it did with the conventional oil.

I am not saying you should not use conventional oil. If you like changing the oil so often, have fun. I would prefer driving with better performance and sitting back looking at the top of the car instead of the underside of it.

As the quote on the page says:
"According to industry tests, synthetic oil engines perform 47% better than engines using conventional motor oil." - AAA

Note: Here we use full synthetic. It is 20,000KM (12,500Miles) or 12 months (whichever comes first). And the oil is so clean....

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Hello! On my side in Canada I tried resetting the service reminder with instructions found on youtube but it look like it's useless doing that yourself with the dash buttons. It always show me wrong Km-month remaining delay. I tried changing my original NAS20 (who is here 8000Km-5month confirmed by dealers) setup to other ones and came back to NAS20 this doesn't change anything it always show me wrong remaining delay-distance.
I called 2 different dealer and they told me the same thing... all those trying to reset the service reminder from the dash got wrong weird remaining must be reset with their computer connected to the car! :(
I'm then thinking about set it to OFF and use the old fashion method of watching/resetting the travel distance counter at oil changes.

a little video

If someone know another setting to change to make this service reminder working good with manual user reset (not done by the dealer computer) please let me know!
Or is it only the Canadian cars configuration who are set like this? As I can't figure out people on youtube and forum gives instruction on how to reset it and never find out the remaining delay-distance was inconsistent with the reset...


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